Jumbo Bag

A bag in the large dimension for storage and carry the form of various products powder such as cement or flakes , sand , fertilizer, plastic resin, etc.

Jumbo Bag have strength and capacity of 1000 to 2000 kg. We provide Jumbo bag packaging of the highest quality and can be adjusted to individual specifications required.

Woven Sacks

Without textile packaging, today’s commerce and logistics would be unthinkable. Plastics are clearly the material of choice: Global demand for polypropylene is increasing at the rate of 6-8% per year. Rising raw material costs challenge technology: How to make a stronger sack out of less material in order to minimise the cost per sack? The future clearly belongs to thinner, lighter weight yet higher strength fabrics Woven Sacks are most widely used packaging systems for Bulk Commodities. Cement, fertilizer and most of the chemicals are already packed woven sacks while Food grains and sugar use both woven sacks and jute bags. 

Woven Sacks offer the following advantages