Paper IBC

Paper IBC is an effective way for bulk liquid storage and coud replace traditional storage and could replace traditional storages such as steel or plustic drums, returnable totes and bottle-in-cage IBCs.

All our PAPERIBC went thoriugh stringent quality assurance where highest quality standard, safety and hygine are observed.

The PAPERIBC is able to carry up to 1000 Liters of non-hazardous products, it reduces filling or discharging, handling costsand free up storage space while transporting of bulk liquid.

The materials used to make PAPERIBC are completely recycable, biodegradable and waste to energy efficient.

PAPERIBC can carry 20% more products than drums for the same amount of space. When they are not in user, PaperIBC is collapsible and stored flat in 80 % less space than empty drums.


Bag-in-Box is a single-use packaging solution designed for liquid, semi-liquid food and non-food products.

The Bag-In-Box is convenient for packing and storage of liquid products. We manufacture a variety of sizes namely, 5 liters, 20 liters and 23 liters.

The utilization of Bag-In-Box has numerous advantages such as elimination of flushing and effluent disposal, elimination of cross contamination, permits aseptic filling and discharge as well as to reduce waste disposal.